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Women`s Legal Service Hotline

For free legal assistance from the Women Against Abuse Legal Center, call 215.686.7082. The Family Law Helpline is operated in partnership with the Legal Aid Bureau, Inc. A lawyer from the Women`s Law Center, a volunteer lawyer or a lawyer from the Legal Aid Bureau will answer your call. All of the lawyers on the Family Law Helpline are familiar with Maryland family law. You can learn more about family law and the legal process at the People`s Law Library. Court Representation: Women Against Abuse lawyers provide direct legal assistance and safety planning to victims of domestic violence in court who may not be familiar with the Women Against Abuse Legal Center. Lawyers help clients navigate the court process, which can be cumbersome, abstruse and traumatic for victims. Women Against Abuse lawyers are stationed in Philadelphia Family Court, where protection from abuse is heard, and in Philadelphia`s two criminal courtrooms handling domestic violence cases. We offer a variety of legal services in the areas of family law, immigration, domestic violence protection orders and employment law. The attorney will give you basic information about Maryland family law to help you understand your rights and legal options. The lawyer can answer your questions about: LSNYC provides direct legal representation to DV survivors in all types of family and family law matters. Our lawyers provide holistic services and representation in all pending matters, including but not limited to: obtaining and enforcing protection orders; defence against protection orders against reprisal; obtain uncontested and contentious divorces, including equitable division of matrimonial property; obtaining or maintaining custody of children; ensure a safe visit; obtaining and enforcing child support orders; obtaining and enforcing spousal support orders; and defending allegations of child neglect because of a client`s domestic violence status. We also assist clients in child protection proceedings and assist abused children.

Our program also provides legal assistance to immigrant survivors of domestic violence, including victims of crime and human trafficking. Our IT lawyers work closely with related civil practices, including housing law, income security, education and immigration. To promote housing stability, DV clients may receive services to prevent evictions and foreclosures or to require or protect access to housing or social housing. To ensure an offender`s financial independence, our lawyers provide legal services in economic areas, including disability advocacy, low-income taxpayer advocacy (particularly when filing innocent spousal claims to protect survivors of domestic violence from offender debts), consumer debt resolution, and employment rights. You can call the hotline as many times as you want. Due to the high number of incoming calls, the hotline services are limited to short calls that provide you with information. I would go back to court to fight for my rights and protection. I can`t imagine what it would be like not to have the services available to me through the Women`s Law Center. Life has changed! Legal Aid of San Diego, Inc.

has an office in northern Oceanside County. Legal aid is available to low-income individuals and disadvantaged communities for a variety of legal issues, including consumers, family disputes, health and social benefits, immigration, and poverty issues such as landlord-tenant disputes, disability benefits, and family benefits. The Federal Poverty Income Guidelines determine eligibility for free legal services. The Women`s Law Center`s toll-free helpline answers questions about family law. The hotline is provided by an experienced lawyer. While the helpline lawyer may not be able to represent you in court, they will provide you with basic information to help you understand your rights and inform you of other community resources to help you. The helpline services are anonymous and accessible to both men and women. A domestic violence injunction (DVRO) is a civil court order signed by a judge that asks the offender to stop the abuse or face serious legal consequences. It provides civil protection against domestic violence for women and men who are victims. There are 3 types of injunctions: An Emergency Protection Order (EPA) is issued when a police officer who responded to an incident calls and speaks to a judge. It only takes 5 days, long enough for the protected person to go to a courthouse to file documents for a permanent order.

An injunction (TRO) is issued if you are in immediate danger and need immediate protection. The judge will give you a temporary supervision officer who can order the offender to leave the house, not to have contact with you and to provide many other forms of protection until the date of your permanent injunction. The permanent injunction requires a hearing before a judge and gives the offender an opportunity to respond. This order can last from 3 to 5 years and allows you to file an extension 3 months before expiration. If you click on your status in the drop-down menu at the top, you will find a list of organizations that offer free or low-cost legal services to victims of abuse and other eligible individuals.

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