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Number Plate Requirements for Driving in France

Hi bought a bike rack, need a plate for that. Can I order only one plate? This simply means that all UK-registered drivers with existing UK number plates will now have to display a UK sticker when overseas. They can be obtained online and at post offices and garages for around £1.50. EU driving licence holders who exceed the speed limit by more than 40 km/h will have their driving licence confiscated by local police. There are a few private companies that offer to get a certificate of conformity (at a price), but there are many fake sites and we strongly recommend using the manufacturer only in France. Some of our readers have been caught by scammers or have paid hundreds of dollars for a certificate that is not valid. If you drive a vehicle or motorcycle in France, please note the latest regulations: Only 2 plate sizes are legal for cars: 520×110 mm or 275×200 mm. For bicycles and other light vehicles, 210×130 mm is the prescribed size. However, if you have the registration document, you can get the complete history of the car since it is registered in France. This is called the HistoVec report. You can request it online on the official website of HistoVec. Mileage, number of owners, modifications, stolen car. Each recorded operation is recorded.

The amount you pay depends on the driving routes you take and how long you stay there. The cost also depends on the type of vehicle you drive, while towing caravans also pay more. It`s worth noting that the overall drinking and driving content of France is lower than in the UK – 0.5mg/ml versus 0.8mg/ml – although drivers with less than three years` experience are even more limited to 0.2mg/ml. It`s best to simply accept that after consuming alcohol, you shouldn`t drive until it`s out of your system. The France has about 40,000 km of national roads, including 9,600 km of motorways. The conditions are therefore ideal for exploring by car. Most motorways are charged. They were built from the sixties by private companies.

The government also decided at that time to maintain a good network of national roads, the famous “N+ number” also spelled “RN” for “National Road”. Traffic jams occur on French motorways in summer and especially between late July/early August and late August/early September. This period is known as “crossover” when people return from vacation while many others leave. Rules on UK number plates and national stickers have evolved this year in the context of Brexit. Since January, Britain has been issuing license plates that instead show the letters GB with the Union flag. The most obvious thing you need for your car is a GB license plate. Many cars have already integrated them into their rear license plates. If not, GB plates are easy to obtain. The other option is to buy a GB sticker, so you don`t need to buy new plates. If your car doesn`t have the UK license plate, you`ll need a British sticker if you`re driving in France. GB vignettes are no longer valid from the end of September.

An increasing number of French cities have introduced an environmental zone, known in French as LEZ or ZFE. To avoid a ban, cars must have a Crit`air sticker on the windscreen. Its color depends on the evaluation of the vehicle. Each city determines which cars can and cannot enter the zone. Different rules may apply: before the process begins, there is also a phone number that you can call during working hours – 0892882300 – but it is at a premium rate, so pay attention to the costs you may incur. To be transferred to an English-speaking consulting state, ring the bell as a reader and search for the service in English. A basic understanding of French is required to be translated. If your primary residence is not in France, you can drive in France with GB or UK license plates. In principle, diesel vehicles manufactured before 2006 are not allowed in these zones at all. Other vehicles must present the corresponding certificate (which you can request here and which costs you about 10 €. If you are caught driving in a restricted area in violation of regulations, you may be fined €68 for cars/motorcycles and €135 for vans and trucks. In 18 years of driving across the France, this has only happened to me twice – but both times, it was me who had the evil eye of the French motorist who did not understand why I thought I could continue straight without giving way to them! To reduce drunk driving, each car must now carry at least two functional breathalyzers.

These must comply with the French Standard (NF), the French standard, and be within their expiry date. The police may ask to see them if they arrest you. Confusingly, however, they can`t punish you for not having them. In France, highways are not free. The price depends on the distance. On road signs, motorways are indicated in blue and by the letter `A`, followed by the number of the corresponding motorway or E in the case of a European motorway. No, there are no French license plates. The current SIV system was not designed for such things, so it is very unlikely to be the case in the near future.

I will be receiving my registration document this week and I am curious about how long it takes you to issue a license plate once you have ordered it? Thank you No, you don`t need to have your International Driving Permit, your UK Driving License will suffice. Please note that the information on this website is provided for informational purposes only. It is intended to represent our understanding of the complex rules and regulations relating to driving a motor vehicle in France – most of which are not readily available in English and laws change without notice. We can therefore assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented here. The France ratified the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of 8 November 1968. This validation, without interpretative reservations, was transposed into French law by Decree 77-1040 of 1977. It is therefore this Vienna Convention that regulates the circulation of vehicles bearing foreign license plates on French roads. Once the application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from your English-speaking advisor, which will also include your toll-free direct phone number. Any other questions you have or any errors that may have been made with the application can be dealt with at this stage, including a refund if you have miscalculated the tax notice. Your car must also be equipped with beam deflectors. These are designed to ensure that its headlights do not dazzle drivers driving across the road. Some newer cars no longer need it.

Their lights can be adjusted in the car or their light cones can be set automatically within an acceptable limit for driving in Europe. It also covers the kit you must legally take with you when driving in France as well as other regulations that you must comply with. Getting to the continent has never been easier. But you need to be prepared to get there and your car.

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