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Northwest Law Enforcement Academy Reviews

“In December, I finished my first semester with very good grades. I had a very high course load of 7 classes, but I must say that the academy prepared me well for this new challenge, here is the reason. “My time at the academy was a great experience overall. I learned the best personality traits and developed that propelled me further in my efforts. “I retired from the Winnipeg Police Training Division in early 2002 with the only transferable skill I wanted to pursue at this stage of my life. Apprenticeship in the law enforcement profession. “I enjoyed every second of it while attending the academy. The teacher challenged you and helped you improve every day. Each teacher is very knowledgeable and they have tailored their lessons to ensure that each student fully understands all the material. My year at the Academy fully prepared me to take my first steps in law enforcement. I want to thank Northwest for the education I received. I found the Criminal Code and the civilian side of law enforcement much easier because of the training I received in your course, which allowed me to focus more on the unfamiliar sections of military law. I want to thank North West for everything the school has done for me, I found a job through the school after graduation.

I use a lot of the knowledge I gained at the academy every day at work. When people ask me what I think of the academy, I have only good things to say and many great stories to tell. I thank all the speakers, especially Mr. Victor Popow, who took the time to accompany us on the path to becoming a good law enforcement officer. The distinguished Dean M. James Jewell, an honored friend, Mrs. Cindy Johnson, Al Sullivan, Randy Hooker, Mrs. Susan Wellman. And so on.

“When I started working at the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy, I knew very little about our justice system. Thanks to the professional training I received over seven months, I now feel better prepared as I pursue a career in law enforcement. As the school year draws to a close for Lanissa, her father and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredible learning opportunity she has given him! You and the teachers were A-1 in your teaching skills and we certainly noticed it in our daughter! The school is top notch and we have wholeheartedly supported other parents/children whose children have the desire to enter law enforcement and we cannot thank you enough! This has helped me secure positions and improve my grades through my recent studies. The Academy taught me not only in academic studies, but also in personal and everyday experiences. There is not a single instructor at the academy that I have not benefited from, and I strongly encourage anyone considering a career in law enforcement to graduate from the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy. “I would like to thank the Academy staff for what they represent. And for what they represent. I couldn`t help but remember one of the guiding principles of the Academy, which is to “exceed the expectations of its students.” When I realized that many of my habits, training, and discipline stemmed from much of the academy`s training, something became clear to me.

The academy exceeded my expectations. On the first day of the program, sitting in my chair, I figured that I would be the woman hired by a police department at the age of 20, straight from the academy, and that I would attend classes in the future to share my story and make a positive impact. And that`s exactly what I did. If this is the career you want to pursue, take advantage of the experience, guidance and support of the instructor that he has to offer. and develop. As rude as it sounds, there was one teacher in particular who was my first teacher. The first lesson he taught us, which I remember very well, is twofold; 1) Know your s*** and 2) Don`t panic. I cannot repeat this enough, because it applies categorically to any enforcement situation to some extent. Take this lesson to heart, because there is no better partner than someone who is confident and has reason to know about legal housing and the right to search and seizure. The academy may be a springboard for me, but it has led me to my dream career, where I have become a favorite place for criminal law and articulation for many of my teams.

I am not currently working in law enforcement as I am a full-time student in the legal department, but I intend to apply for a civilian position with the RCMP.

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