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Nex Legal Definition

In common law, a law prochein ami is a person who represents another minor or who is unable to bring an action on his or her own behalf because of disability or other reasons, and who does not have a legal guardian. They are also known as process friends. When a relative who is the next of kin acts as a close friend of a person, that person is sometimes called the person`s “natural guardian” instead. Another friend has full control of the proceedings in the claim, as if they were an ordinary complainant, until a guardian or guardian is appointed in the case; But the next friend has the right to present evidence only on the same basis as any other witness. This disability is often caused by a minority, a mental disability or a lack of access to counselling. Therefore, any application to the court on behalf of a minor, a mentally disabled person or a detained person without access to a lawyer who does not have a legal guardian or a person authorized to act on his or her behalf with a power of attorney must be made through a close friend (prochein ami, prochein amy or proximus amicus). A minor often defends a claim not by a closest friend, but by a guardian, who is often appointed by the court competent to hear the case or by a court competent in matters of succession. Another case occurred after the monkey selfie case, when the animal rights organization People for Ethical Treatment of Animals sued photographer David Slater and claimed to be the closest friend of a Sulawesi crested macaque. Supported by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed., and The Law Dictionary. Under U.S. law, Next Friends has sometimes been allowed to hear habeas corpus charges challenging the detention of prisoners unable to appear in court on their own behalf.

For example, during the war on terror that followed the attacks of 11 September 2001, family members, lawyers and non-governmental organizations sought to claim the title of future friends on behalf of prisoners considered enemy combatants in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere. [1] This article contains the text of a publication that is now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). “Next friend.” Encyclopædia Britannica (11th edition). Cambridge University Press. Historically, in the case of a minor, the father was prima facie the right person to act as the closest friend; In the absence of the father, the testamentary guardian was, at the very least, the closest friend; But any person who is not disabled can act as the closest friend as long as he has no interest in the action detrimental to that of the minor. A married woman has historically not been able to act as a next girlfriend (female covert), but this practice is no longer common, at least in the United States, where one or both parents of a minor may act as the next boyfriend. (Exceptions are cases of divorce or other custody cases; in such cases, courts often appoint a guardian or lawyer (independent of the parents) to represent the interests of the child, which may not coincide with the interests of one of the parents.) Prior to the Married Women`s Property Act of 1882 in English and Irish law (and similar laws at the same time in American law), it was common for a married woman to sue a closest friend. Nevertheless, this act, which allows a married woman to sue in any way as a woman sole, has made a future friend superfluous in the case of married women. Next; next; immediately after. See Green v.

McLaren, 7 Ga. 107; State v. Asbell, 57 Kan. 398, 46 Pac. 770; Deutsche Sicherheitsbank v. McGarry, 106 Ala. 633, 17 Süden. 704. Some courts, such as the English civil and family courts, have recognised since the 1990s the right of mature minors to engage a lawyer and to apply to the court on their own behalf. In the case of mental disability, a curator, guardian or committee represents the person in court. However, if they do not have such a representative, or if the committee has an interest against the applicant, they can sue another friend.

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