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Divorce Lawyer: Learn more about our partners` promotions and free offers for family, immigration, civil, divorce lawyers, free advice in Costa Rica, telephone, family in Spanish, legal advice, divorce assistance, lawyers, criminalists and criminals, labor defense lawyers, Defense lawyers free line, free work We offer our services for all family matters. Many people get married in Costa Rica and we offer wedding services and prenuptial arrangements. Unfortunately, some lead to separation and divorce, and we provide legal services for support, maintenance and access. The law firm Meléndez & Bonilla is one of the most qualified law firms in Costa Rica and Central America with the highest standards of service and competence. Our firm provides legal advice and representation in all areas of law, including family law, immigration law, labour law, international law, corporate law, commercial law and tax law applied to new or established Costa Rican companies and individuals. Well, I`d like to know if you can help me. I came from it like a motorcycle, a car that no longer exists and already prescribed and a debt in a camp q equal to already prescribed the problem is that they continue to call me to collect and charge more for these issues, which tells me that although a lawyer I do not think the prescriptions to a judge with the justification of the xq . To be able to clean it and remove all this, it will continue to call every time????? We have created a modern law firm with a strong commitment to a long-term relationship with our clients. Our lawyers are multilingual and professional. We have many foreign clients who come to Costa Rica to move to a peaceful country for their retirement, residence or business. We provide all legal services for your business affairs and legislative areas related to your business.

Some areas are labour law, administrative law, taxes, licenses, patents and transit. In addition, notarial services are available for the legalization of legal instruments, advice on legal actions and contracts, the issuance of certifications, title searches and registration steps for the registration of real estate and titles. At Bufete Meléndez & Bonilla, you benefit from both the individual service you would receive with a private lawyer, as well as the experience of a large law firm capable of handling commercial disputes on an international scale. We provide our clients with comprehensive immigration and residency services, as well as resettlement support for individuals and businesses. Our services include immigration permits for individuals, retirement, family members, investors and work permits for foreign workers that your business may need. When starting a new business, especially abroad, there are many things to consider. On the one hand, you need an experienced consulting or consulting firm that can provide you with comprehensive and appropriate support in your goals of starting a business abroad. The law firm Meléndez y Bonilla can offer you comprehensive and high-quality support and legal advice in setting up a commercial company in Costa Rica.

We provide legal advice in all areas that affect or affect your business and all aspects of the law that involve commercial activity: The Costa Rican Bar Association has activated the Social Advocacy Program, which consists of providing free legal advice and representation to people in a state of vulnerability and representation who cannot afford a lawyer. Also accident lawyers, free online real estate legal advice with legal advice for family matters and assistance in family law with free advice by phone and WhatsApp This program has thirteen social mediators focused on the field of domestic and domestic violence, a labour ombudsman and manage four mediators free of charge through an inter-institutional agreement with the National Institute of Women, on the criminalization of violence against women and family processes related to this issue. Legal services for the community, advises and sponsors low-income people free of charge in civil law and in particular family law: The Assist program provides legal and legal advice, guidance and information to private sector employees whose employers are residents, and provides legal assistance and / or legal assistance in individual disputes, in order to be able to assist the employee in labour law Administrative complaints and in provisional administrative bodies. In addition, according to Dora Sequeira, executive director of Parque la Libertad; The alliance is crucial to help society and people who cannot hire a lawyer. All persons who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, in a civil situation, advice on legal rights and obligations, domestic violence, medical care, conflict resolution and others have the opportunity to conduct free consultations in several rooms, including justice homes and mobile justice homes for remote areas of the urban area. To ensure the transparency of the program, they have a set of rules that respect ethical principles as lawyers, such as the status of social defenders, the audit protocol and continuous improvement. This is done by law students from Fidadalitas University who already have their advanced careers. Free Online Lawyer of the State of Costa Rica | Legal Advisor Colegio Publico Forecasts of Oficio Free Online Whatsapp They also have strategic partners who allow them to expand their services and cooperate with them in various ways, such as the municipality of Curridabat, the judicial authority, the Association of Works of the Holy Spirit and the municipality of Desamparados. Who is eligible for Abotado Free in Costa Rica? Not having the financial means to administer the justice system is difficult for many people. The law firm Meléndez & Bonilla stands out from other law firms in Costa Rica by its experience of many years of experience in the field of family law, immigration law, labor law and commercial law. Cabinet is aware of these statutes, their use, their normal application and the jurisprudence of these areas of law. Would you like to request the origin of the Free Legal Defense service in accordance with the applicable regulations and, if necessary, receive specialized legal advice if it is determined that the Free Legal Defense service is not provided for legal or economic reasons? “It`s a way to connect our students to reality and that we, in turn, can reach hundreds of families in the administration of justice.

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