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Arizona Legal System

In addition, LSB serves as a resource for senior managers regarding legal issues and questions, policy development and review, audits conducted by the Office of the Auditor General of Arizona, and legal and legislative analysis. LSB serves as the agency`s point of contact for courts, attorneys, and the Arizona Attorney General`s Office. LSB is responsible for coordinating information and documentation for all litigation against ADJC and all ongoing legal issues affecting youth and ADJC employees. LSB staff attend court hearings, assist staff in responding to court orders, subpoenas and subpoenas, and meet regularly with bailiffs and lawyers to ensure cooperation with our partners in the legal system. The Legal Systems Bureau (LSB) provides legal expertise to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (ADJC) to promote and protect the interests of the ADJC, youth, employees, victims and the public. The Office performs several functions within the Agency. To ensure that minors who are interned with the ADJC receive the due process guarantees to which they are entitled under the Constitution, LSB staff plan and conduct all probation suspension and revocation hearings. The Chief Hearing Officer is responsible for the management of due process for youth engaged in the CJA. This official interprets Arizona`s criminal laws, current jurisprudence, and the department`s policies and procedures to draw conclusions about allegations, make decisions on applications made, and make final decisions. The CHO also reviews appeals by the Temporary Stabilization Unit, reviews the annulment of the release by the Council for Reintegration into the Juvenile Community (JCRB), issues arrest warrants, examines requests for the transfer of minors from home care to more restrictive placement and issues dismissals. El 29 de Octubre, 2021 el Juez Presidente Honorable Juez Thomas Fink emitió la Orden Administrativa 2021-026 con respecto a la modificación en el proceso de entrega electrónica de documentos y de entrega formal de documentos con la Secretaria Del Tribunal Superior del Condado de Santa Cruz.

Para más información haga clic aquí. The office receives and responds to all requests for public records, including the collection, review, review and creation of records. Careers in the courts Judicial internships Vacancies Other judicial offices Juvenile ombudsmen (ombudsmen) serve as an essential link between the staff of the institution and young people who are committed to taking charge of the ADJC. They train all young people in the care of the ADJC regarding their rights during their stay, including access to the complaints procedure. Ombudsmen intervene in administrative hearings for young people, investigate youth complaints, advocate for improvements and access to adequate care, facilitate the complaint process for young people and monitor conditions in the facility. Ombudsmen also accompany ADJC youth to virtual court hearings, facilitate lawyers` meetings with youth, and help monitor compliance with the PREA. The Victims` Rights Unit is responsible for serving ADJC youth victims through direct contact with victims, case management and legal notifications to victims. This office advocates for victims` rights, empowers youth and promotes safe communities. For more information about our services, please visit our Victims` Rights page.

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