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Are Wooden Swords Legal in the Uk

He`s right. They are completely legal to own, you simply cannot wear them in public places. If you are a member of a club that has liability insurance for an “authorized activity” such as a sport, you are automatically exempt from law enforcement for the purchase and possession of a sword. Remember that swords must be kept safe at home and are not allowed in public without good reason. You can only carry a sword outside your home for the journey to and from an engagement, such as your class in the dojo, as long as it is fully covered. It is important to keep the Iaito in transit and only take it to a public place when it is on its way to a training or event or when it is returning. Something as simple as a stop at the supermarket on the way back would technically be a violation of the law. There are new bans on the possession of offensive weapons and the import and supply of cyclone and spiral knives. The email address for public requests has been updated. The following sections have been updated: Importing knives, swords and other offensive weapons into the United Kingdom; knives and weapons prohibited; Circumstances in which restricted offensive weapons may be introduced. There is a certain level of protection in Scottish law to be able to carry a training sword to and from a training event.

The first part of the “reasonable defense” is that you must transport the item in an appropriate manner, as described in the paragraph above. The second part is that you must have a good reason to wear the article: joining a suitable martial arts group (defined as a martial arts group with liability insurance) and attending or starting from a workout is a good reason; Taking a sword to show to your friends at the pub is not a good reason. The third part is that the article must be appropriate for the activity: if you attend a martial arts class that uses synthetic swords, it is inappropriate to bring a sharp steel sword, and therefore it is inappropriate to carry it to and from the session; Bringing a synthetic sword to a session where participants train with synthetic swords makes perfect sense. One. You do not currently need a license to sell swords in England and Wales. You must be satisfied that the buyer is over 18 years of age at the time of purchase. The importation of certain weapons such as knives, swords and other blades is a criminal offence. We are often asked questions about British law: are samurai swords like Katana and Wakizashi legal? Do you need a license to own it? If you need more information about the legislation regarding the importation of knives, swords and other offensive weapons, you can send an email: So I was interested in the laws of owning a sword in the UK (especially in England). I spoke to a guy on Instagram who collects them, and he said they were completely legal, but you can`t wear them openly. So let me know if this is wrong or, because I`m interested in collecting British law, doesn`t require you to have a license to buy or own a sword. All weapons on our website are legal in the UK.

If you are ordering from abroad, it is best to contact your local law enforcement agency before placing your order. If you sell swords or daggers in Scotland, you will need to apply for a knife dealer licence here before you can legally sell these items. While it is legal to possess these items, they cannot be worn in public places without a valid reason – such as at a re-enactment event you attend, etc. If in doubt, check with your local law enforcement agency. This law expands the impact of the 2008 amendment to the law, which added swords with a curved blade of more than 51 cm (measured from the base of the handle to the tip) to the Offensive Weapons Act, thus prohibiting the import, transfer or manufacture of these items. The 2019 legislation adds to these conditions that the possession of such a sword is now prohibited by law. You can also find more information in our legal area here. It is illegal to bring, sell, rent, lend, give or privately own the following in the UK, unless there is a legal exception: if you fail to comply with the relevant legal requirements, the item may expire and will be seized by the Border Force. You may also be arrested and prosecuted if you illegally import the item into the UK and/or own the item illegally in the UK. The maximum prison sentence can be up to 10 years. The Border Force works with other government departments and agencies to prevent the importation of illegal firearms (including their components), ammunition and offensive weapons into the UK.

The only items we sell that require you to be a member of a martial arts club or theater body are swords with curved blades that are not made in the traditional way. The only swords we sell that fall into this category are Japanese Iaito, which have stainless steel blades. It is NOT illegal for a person under the age of 18 to possess a firearm, only illegal for us to sell one. Generous parents or parents are advised to purchase these items for people under the age of 18, but we remind you that these items can mutilate or kill, so caution is advised. The good news is that the initial exceptions attached to the 2008 legislation are still valid and offer a way forward for true practitioners, those with antiques or artificial swords, and other legitimate owners of swords. Our understanding of Scottish law is that any object can be considered an offensive weapon if there is a suspicion that you are wearing it for the purpose of violence or if you are wearing it in an offensive manner. Even objects as toy as synthetic plastic training swords or wood wasters can be considered offensive weapons; A sword does not need to be sharp or made of steel to be considered a weapon. We believe that police officers should not be expected to view synthetic swords more leniently because they are made of plastic, not steel; As long as we understand the law, synthetic swords can be offensive weapons as well as steel swords.

For the future, maintaining membership will be essential and will require regular annual administration to ensure that there is no accidental mistake that makes you break the law to own your training tools. It also focuses on the issue of leaving the dojo and how you should behave in relation to the law regarding your beloved swords in case you need to stop practicing. This is NOT professional legal advice; These are the informal understandings of the Academy`s lecturers regarding this difficult and confusing area of law. This page should be read as a guide, rules of thumb and good advice – in no way should this be read as legal advice. You must meet certain legal requirements in order to legally import firearms and ammunition into the UK. Anything on our website that may cause injury or death is classified as a weapon. Yes, we know that you cause injuries with a plastic or wooden sword, etc. In general, anything made of steel and sharp, pointed or intended for club people is limited to selling to people over 18 years old. Projectile weapons such as crossbows are also restricted in the same way. There was a guy on the street who was arrested for swinging him in his garden, it was all pretty hilarious and I don`t think the guy was all there.

But it just shows that it may be legal, but if it falls into the list of offensive weapons, you`ll get into trouble because you`re wearing them. You can find your local police on the UK police website. The Border Force monitors and controls the importation of firearms (including their components), ammunition and offensive weapons into the Uk in all modes of transport and international mail. Currently (we keep this page up to date with all the changes), the scenario is as follows: Authorization from your UK regional police authority for other firearms You can apply for a firearms import permit in the import case management system of the DIT Import Licensing Directorate. You can contact the HMRC helpline and provide details about the item you want to import. The helpline phone number is 0300 200 3700 and the lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. To the list of restricted assault weapons that may be imported, the following was added: “if they were manufactured more than 100 years before the date of an alleged offence committed (with the exception of impact knives and gravity counters).” Some organisations are allowed to import and possess restricted assault weapons for specific purposes, including: Swords with a curved blade of 50 cm or more can be imported if the weapon: Instructions for ferry personnel and operators on how to import firearms from the EU into the UK. In 2019, the UK government made sweeping changes that affect many martial artists, with a new law called the Offensive Weapons Act 2019. Please note that if you decide to organize informal training, you will still have to comply with the laws and obtain the necessary permits to use the chosen location for the activity.

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